Summer 2018 Paid Internship

Paid Research apprenticeship programs for both high-school and undergraduate students on High-Frequency Electronics and 2D Functional Materials

We have been investigating high-frequency high-power electronic devices, as well as Spin-caloritronic 2D materials.

During Summer 2018, we plan to work on the measurement and analysis of high frequency power devices, mostly based on InAlN or AlN/GaN materials. The design and nanofabrication of the high-frequency devices will be performed during Spring 2018. A variety of devices with different critical design parameters will be available by the end of May 2018. During the summer, device behaviors will be systematically measured and analyzed. The measurement results will be processed using Origin and compared to theoretical predictions.

On the 2D functional materials, during Summer 2018, we will grow and characterize the 2D materials with our home-built CVD furnace. During the spring, all the theoretical work will be finished, which serves as guidance for the experiments in the summer. For both projects, any good or promising results will be used to prepare conference presentations with the students as co-authors.

High school student activities ($10/hour not to exceed 300 hours)

The student will contribute to the measurements of device performance especially the DC I-V and C-V, followed by the plotting of data [June 2018]

The student will contribute to the measurements of device performance especially the pulse and frequency response, followed by the plotting of data [July 2018]

Undergraduate student activities ($15/hour not to exceed 300 hours)

The student will contribute to tuning of growth parameters for the fabrication of films [June 2018]

The student can characterize the films grown using Raman spectroscopy, followed by the plotting of data [July 2018]

Student requirements

The students will be selected based upon an examination of their credentials including (i) GPA, (ii), resume, (iii) one letter of reference, and (iv) one personal letter of motivation.



Interested students must apply by February 28, 2018 by filling out the applications available at

High school students

 and select opportunity B443 University of Illinois at Chicago as your fist preference

Undergraduate students

and select opportunity B443 University of Illinois at Chicago as your fist preference. 




The proposed research activities focus on introducing students to the electrical engineering field and provide them with some in-depth understanding of certain ongoing projects that are of great interest to the Army Research Office. During these apprenticeships, the students will gain important technical skills working under the supervision of PhD students in the investigators’ groups, with close monitoring by the faculty mentors. The students will learn how to use some scientific instrumentation and create professional plots using Matlab. They will gain experience on how to present their results clearly and efficiently and on using PowerPoint. It is anticipated that their skills in writing simple reports as well as oral presentations will both be significantly enhanced at the end of the program. All these skills they learn will prepare the high school students for their future entry to highly competitive undergraduate programs, and attract the undergraduate students into science and engineering careers.

The proposed research activities will start with a full-day project-inception orientation at the beginning of the program to layout the procedures and mechanics of the program.  Specifics of professional training on lab safety, planning, time management, and group interaction/leadership will be provided. Also, a presentation on (i) project planning and literature review, and (ii) statistical design of experiments and data analysis (accompanied by related handouts prepared by the PIs) will be part of the orientation.

During the research apprenticeship, bi-weekly research group meetings/seminars will allow the students to present progress of their research and help them learn to communicate with workers who may have different training and background. The students may get co-authorship of conference presentations, based on their activities from this opportunity.

Additional activities for the students

During the summer, both the HSAP and URAP students can participate to the activities available on the UIC campus, which include but are not limited to

  • UIC Enrichment Programs on writing; Mathematics; Chemistry; Physics;
  • Academic Support Programs: ACE College Reading for Success; Asian American Mentor Program; Learning Beyond the Classroom; PAP Academy; TRIO SALC for Low-Income; First-Gen College Students, and/or Students with Disabilities
  • College-based Programs: UIC Business Summer College Prep; College of Engineering PREP-ME Summer Workshop; Global Asian Studies Success Program, Summer Exploration & Transition Program; Urban Health Program: Preparing for Academic Student Success;
  • Details are available at